• Masters II Hold Sorrento

    17 April 2012 Written by HRSC

    Hamersley Masters II 2-2 Sorrento

    After a not so stirring cup defeat on Easter Monday, Mark Chamberlain's boys (over 35 and under 40) and men (the rest), took on local rivals Sorrento in the first game of the North Division 3 season. Having seen our results from last season, we were immediately assigned the main pitch, complete with technical areas (appropriately placed off the pitch). Davy continued to fill in as goalie, as we await Gys' return, and new boys Joe,

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  • Masters II vs Perth Hills

    07 September 2011 Written by HRSC

    Hamersley 1 Perth Hills 4

    Expectations were high in the Hamersley camp following our first win at Ellenbrook the week before. A full squad of 16 was assembled, with plenty of firepower on the bench. A cool, overcast day was ideal, but unfortunately the mudheap that passes for the far pitch at Carine wasn’t. We then proceeded to play like pigs in mud! Giving the ball away with regularity, and failing to support

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  • Masters II vs Ellenbrook: Victory!

    30 August 2011 Written by HRSC

    Friends, rovers and countrymen lend me your ears.

    LETS DO IT !!!!!!

    Was coach Tarun's cry; and into the valley of Ellenbrook rode the 15 brave men, and this time they meant it. It was a team that had a keeper and defence like the Berlin wall of the 70's, a midfield like Brazil of the 70's and a forward line whose age added up to over 70 ( 4-4-2 formation), if we have to

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  • Master II vs Wembly Downs

    27 August 2011 Written by HRSC

    Hamersley 0, Wembley Downs 3

    Stung by conceding a 2-2 draw in the first half of the season, high-flying Wembley Downs came to Carine to bury Hamersley, not to praise them. The weather could not be a compared to a summer's day, with rough winds accompanying the winter of Hamersley's discontent. Masters 2, a bunch of ageing Lotharios, more lovely and more temperate than their opponents, won the toss, and kicked with the wind. 

    The teams went measure

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  • Masters II vs Subiaco

    18 August 2011 Written by HRSC

    Subiaco 2 Hamersley 1  

    Players, spectators, absent teammates and various observers,

    Sunday’s game against top of the table Subiaco got off to a poor start. First the team known throughout the competition as the team with the most potential were deprived of a change room. Then we had to watch the ambulance cart off yet another player from a preceding game. The last omen was one of Subi’s men being stretchered off the ground without Jamie or Gus having to tackle him

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  • Masters II vs Joondalup

    12 August 2011 Written by HRSC

    IMPROVEMENT - This is really what this game was all about.

    We went into this game owing Joondalup "nothing" according to our fearless leader. First time around against this mob was an affair we'd all soon forget!

    From the outset it was evident that we were not out of our depth and were going to prove a tougher task for the Joondalup lot this time round.

    In the first 30 we

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  • Masters II vs UWA

    03 August 2011 Written by HRSC

    So Close Again for Masters II: UWA 1-1 Hamersley Rovers

    The start

    Wet and blustery conditions were not what the silky free flowing Masters II team wanted as they chased their first elusive win of the season. Coach TW's pre match talk was all about compromise, the team had to switch from playing attractive football, known the world over as The Glasgow Celtic Way, to hoofing the ball out of defence, more akin to Celtic's lesser known neighbours from Ibrox.

    Having survived the

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  • Masters II vs Bayswater

    28 July 2011 Written by HRSC

    Hamersley Rovers 2 v 4 Bayswater

    On reflection, this game will have to go down as an opportunity missed for our first win of the season. 

    Once again a strong Rovers squad assembled roughly on time and the much publicised Coach vs Captain spat was set aside for the game.  Unfortunately, this weeks match reporter was unable to shake off a flu that would have seen lesser men dialling 000.  As punishment

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  • Masters II vs Quinns

    25 July 2011 Written by HRSC

    Humbug Reporter:
    "After what can be undoubtedly described as Hamersley's best performance of the season capped by a hat-trick from Paul. What is the true picture in Hamersley Masters II camp? Unbiased information seems impossible to obtain, everybody wants to put their own spin on events.

    Through contacts in at the heart of the Seniors Playing Group we've obtained access to a top official in Tarun's Propaganda ministry. For obvious reasons the player wishes to remain anonymous, our contact is simply

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  • Masters II vs Wanneroo

    16 July 2011 Written by HRSC

    Match report by Rovers’ junior correspondent Zach (age 10, nearly 11) Anderson

    In this game it was quite obvious that Wanneroo had had a lot more practice. Not only in passing, but also in creating space and keeping possession. The Hamersley players just couldn’t mark players or move into space. If Wanneroo had the ball, because of all of the space, they could slowly work it up the pitch. If a Hamersley player got the ball he would kick it long

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